the gang

The atmosphere at Employees Only was created to evoke the frivolous spirit of the 1920's and 30's. During Prohibition, patrons of speakeasies raised their glasses in defiance of the ban on alcohol. While there are many criminal aspects during this period that are not glorified, America has romanticized the roaring 20's as one of our first cultural revolutions. It was behind these closed doors that men and women first enjoyed the pleasures of drinking and socializing together. The mischievous attitude of Prohibition created legendary figures both real and fictional...

Igor Hadzismajlovic
Jason Kosmas
Bill Gilroy
Dushan Zaric
Henry LaFargue


map west 4th street christopher street eo
Employees Only
store front
Look for the glowing
neon "psychic" sign.

look for glowing neon sign
Employees Only is located at 510 Hudson St. between
Christopher and West 10th Street.

Closest Subway Stops
1 train to Christopher Street Station
A, C, E, B, D, F & V train to West 4th Street Station

For dinner reservations call 212.242.3021 from 10am-5pm
Dinner 6pm-12am // Late Night Dinner 12am-3:30am // 7 days a week
Pre-Theatre seating 6pm-7pm // 7 days a week
West 4th Street Station
A, C, E, B, D, F, V
Christopher Street Station